District 6

List of Candidates and Slate

Candidates for District 6

District      Candidate                           Email                                                                        Website                                             

Democratic Primary Candidates

At Large    Gabe Albornoz                 [email protected]                    www.gabealbornoz.com

At Large Brandy H. M. Brook s   [email protected]                       www.brandy4montgomery.com

At Large    Dana E. Gassaway         [email protected]

At Large    Evan Glass                            [email protected]                                 www.evanglass.com

At Large    Scott Evan Goldberg   [email protected]                                www.VoteScott.org

At Large    Tom Hucker                         [email protected]                             www.tomhucker.com

At Large    Will Jawando                       [email protected]                         

At Large    Laurie-Anne Sayles      [email protected]                www.laurieannesayles.org

Dist 6         Natali Fani Gonzalez    [email protected]           www.NataliforCouncil.com

Dist 6         Omar Lazo                               [email protected]                                www.omarlazo.com

Dist 6         Maricé Morales                  [email protected]      www.maricemorales.com

Dist 6         Brit Siman-Tov                  [email protected]

Dist 6        Steve Solomon                    [email protected]   www.votestevesolomon.com

Dist 6        Christa Tichy                         [email protected]                    www.christatichyforcouncil.com

Dist 6        Mark Trullinger

Dist 6        Vicki S Vergagni                 [email protected]

Republican Primary Candidates

At Large    Christopher P. Fiotes    [email protected]

At Large    Lenard Lieber                        [email protected]                 www.lenardlieber.com

At Large    Dwight Patel                         [email protected]     www.DwightPatelforMoCo.com

Dist 6           Viet H. Doan                           [email protected]                            www.VoteForViet.com