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Who do I vote for Council in Montgomery County? Will your next council member respect a democratic process and be responsive to YOUR views or will they answer to special interests instead?

A countywide group of active civic leaders has spent thousands of hours identifying issues, and interviewing candidates who will be responsive to residents.

Find your council district and look up your district slate, investigate, and VOTE for candidates endorsed by the Citizens Coalition for a Council Slate.

We are your neighbors, here to help you. Vote for candidates that will support You!

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ICON for Citizens' Coalition for a Council Slate

Citizens Coalition for a Council Slate

The Citizens Coalition for a Council Slate is a recently-formed broad-based group of civic and community leaders from throughout Montgomery County. In various capacities each of us has for years been actively engaged in matters affecting our County and our communities. Our members include residents of all socioeconomic levels, races, and ethnicities, many of whom feel they are shut out of the process even when matters that may have a significant impact on their communities are under consideration by our County government. Our goal is to move our County forward in a more productive and inclusive way. We have joined together to evaluate, endorse, and actively support candidates for our County Council who are committed to listen to, respect, carefully consider the views of, and respond to all residents concerning issues that affect the quality of life in their communities and in the County as a whole, and who will actively engage in the Council’s oversight role to ensure that all others in County government do the same.

We are working on behalf of endorsed candidates by:

     • Posting their responses on our website and Facebook page;

     • Educating our neighbors by passing out literature in our neighborhoods, sending email communications, posting on social media, and the like;

     • Being present at polling places to hand out literature and answer questions.

We asked all Council candidates to complete our questionnaire. We subsequently interviewed all candidates. After consideration of all responses, Coalition members met to determine which candidates to endorse for the Council Slate. You can download a blank copy of the Questionnaire to review below.

Citizens Coalition for a Council Slate